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Multi award winning Whisky

Our Brands

Stalla Dhu Whiskies

Multi-award winning Independent bottled range of single cask Scotch Whisky selected by Ron Morrison

Forager's Gin

Forager's Gin has garnered a number of international awards, most notably picking up a World Gin award plus being voted one of the top ten craft spirit brands in the UK.

Y Bet Vodka

Handcrafted to be a little off-beat, this rhythmic spirit was composed to showcase the harmony of the Welsh elements, bringing together sugar beets from the earth and pure, crisp waters from the Snowdonia mountains.

Flying Dutch

Made exclusively for C.Gars Ltd and created by Mr Orchant these cigars are perfect for cigars smokers looking for a decent smoking experience at a very reasonable price.

Double Dutch

Dutch cigars are popular all over the world. Each year around 2 billion Dutch cigars are exported to over 100 countries. Therefore Dutch cigars are the most exported cigars in the world. World-wide the Dutch cigar industry is the second largest cigar manufacturer.

C.Gars Malt

C.Gars Malt Orchant Selection Single Malt Whisky is a rich but extremely well balanced whisky with a harmony of malty notes delicately accented with wisps of vanilla and sweet spicy flavours. This Cigar Malt beautifully compliments the complexity of a Havana cigar, whilst balancing and sometimes contrasting with premium New-World blends.

Inka Secret Blend

The only handmade Peruvian Puros, created by Mitchell Orchant in partnership with Tabacalera del Oriente in Peru

Mitchellero Cigars

Mitchellero cigars are rolled using long filler leaves giving you an all-round more pleasant smoking experience. Made specially for C.Gars Ltd by Nestor Plasencia in Nicaragua to a blend selected, tested and approved by Mr Orchant.

Online Cigar Auctions

More than simply the world's leading cigar auction... The C.Gars Ltd cigar auctions have grown year-on-year since the first ever sale in 2009 and today represent a major online event, showcasing the heritage of Havana and beyond, and attracting worldwide attention.